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Quoting – Price Verses Quality!

We’ve been quoting Telephone On-Hold systems for over 24 years and today we’re offering prices equal to the pricing of the nineties because it’s really tough out there! But still I maintain the integrity of my business by offering a fair price which is in most cases still higher than the phantom upstart competitors which have appeared out of nowhere offering ridiculously low price options using (questionable) imported On-Hold devices.

I have had a business relationship with my On-Hold hardware manufacturer/supplier since the year 2000. Australian made, reliable and with impeccable after sales service, these On-Hold units are well made (individually by hand) and are totally worry free to all stakeholders. Nobody has to worry about them failing because they’re just that well made.


I say to potential clients: “You’ll be enjoying the quality & longevity of our product long after you’ve forgotten how much you paid for it.” (Gucci motto)

2 Responses to "Quoting – Price Verses Quality!"

  • Jade
    November 30, 2017 - 1:23 am Reply

    Hi there, we are looking for a script doing for our 1300 number. I work at ASN and would like some wording recording, we have the script of what we would like you to say as we would like calls directing to various numbers within our company in .wav format, is this something you are able to help us with.

    • admin
      November 30, 2017 - 1:34 am Reply

      Hi Jade, we’ve sent you an email so we can continue the conversation privately.

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