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Marketing: More Than Just One Channel

When you think of marketing your business, there’s alot of boxes to tick from customer service, to online and offline marketing, all of which contain many aspects. You could place telephone on hold messages in the customer service and offline marketing field. On hold messages present a very unique way to target messages to your potential customers. It’s a well known fact that at one time or another you will need to place your customers on hold, either to find out more information about their enquiry, to place them on hold before you transfer them to the correct department, or simply when you have more than one customer calling for an enquiry, at one time. ‘Do you mind being placed on hold, thankyou’.

This is a marketing opportunity. Telephone on hold messages allows you to have a conversation with your customer whilst they wait. The message could be something as simple as FAQs, or new products or specials, or even re-enforcing your brand message. Marketing should be integrated, and telephone on hold messages are part of this integration. The same messages that are being promoted in all aspects of your marketing should be voiced when a customer is on hold.

However, on hold messages provide a slightly different medium to provide your marketing message. One, the customer has already contacted your business, therefore have noticed your product or service, and two they are willing to talk to you to either find out more information about your product offering, or purchase. Therefore, the messages you convey whilst your customer is on hold should reflect this stage of the customer lifecycle, and provide additional information to them to secure their business.

For more information about this type of marketing tool, call us on 1300 721 470, and we’ll assist you on how telephone on hold messages can help your business convey messages to your customers, through integrated marketing.

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