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Joy Voice’s Answers

How much does the on hold message system cost? $1,430 (inc.GST). Multiple sites are heavily discounted
Do we own the hardware? Yes
Do we have to sign any type of agreement or contract? No. Only a quote confirmation
What is the duration of the contract? No contract
How do I cancel the contract? No contract
Are there any on-going costs? No. Only future message updates (DMC Pro-T)
How much do the message updates cost? $220. (inc.GST) even less in prepaid loyalty packages
Do you contact us for message updates? Yes
How many paragraphs of information are in a standard script? 12 paragraphs (6 minutes)
Does your system allow time or date specific messages? Yes (Optional)
How quickly can you have the system installed? 4 working days (with our client’s cooperation)
Is there an installation cost? No, if there is a Line Isolation Unit in place.
What audio format does your system utilise? Digital Mp3
What is the warranty on your equipment? 2 year full replacement
Do you offer a free in-house demonstration? Yes (Melbourne Metro / Mornington Peninsula)
Do you offer a payment plan? Yes, various options are available upon request.
Do you accept Credit Card payments? Yes, Mastercard and Visa
How long have you been producing on hold systems? 24 years (Since 1990)